Best resources to watch and bet on the Australian Grand Prix

Formula 1 is considered the royal championship, known throughout the world. That is why it causes such a stir. Some fans are just crazy about car racing, so they can not miss a single minute in each race. Moreover, there are a huge number of bettors who are also eager to watch the progress of the race in order to immediately assess their chances of winning. What could we say about those who bet in real time? Live broadcasts and viewing of the tournament are important for everyone.

Where can I watch F1 races in Australia?

Viewing the Grand Prix in Australia is not difficult. Thanks to the Australian government, the races will be broadcast live on free-to-air television. There is a channel in Melbourne that currently broadcasts the most important moments of all past Grand Prix with commentary, and according to all forecasts, in 2022 it should broadcast this year’s knife Grand Prix.
Moreover, given that the Formula One Grand Prix is ​​considered to be a world famous event, most of the world’s sports TV channels have also provided and will continue to provide the opportunity to watch tournaments.

Watching the races live contributes to more successful betting

As in all previous years, the 2022 Grand Prix will also take place in Albert Park, where there is a wonderful atmosphere and nature. Agree that being at the scene in real time, enjoying the beauty and scenery around, you will be able to carry out the correct analysis and forecast of the possible outcome of the race in a harmonious state. It is by being at the scene that you could feel like a part of a great event. In this situation, live betting is what you need. And the live mode in auto racing is considered the best for betting, since in racing it is quite easy to predict what might happen a few seconds ahead, which means that you can also easily change your bet and win.

Bookmakers keep up with bets and live broadcasts

Bookmakers also take not the last place in providing the possibility of live broadcasting. The most popular, well-known and reputable bookmakers always give their customers the opportunity to watch world events in real time. The same thing happens with Formula 1 races. On the official website of the bookmaker or on your mobile application, if available, there is a special option for live video broadcasts of events. In addition, you can specifically set up your account and your application to view those events that you are interested in, whether you have bet on and plan to do.