When does the 2020 Melbourne Grand Prix start and when can I start betting?

Following a several-year break caused by the coronavirus pandemic around the globe, in 2022 Formula 1 returns. The well-known Albert Park in Melbourne is preparing to hold the next stage of the Grand Prix of the World Championship in motor racing. Fans around the world are already preparing for the start of the season, and gamblers are starting to study the data and predictions for winning bids.

What happened during the last two years?

2 years ago, the tournament was planned till the last moment. 2 hours before the start, all fans and spectators were told that the race would not take place. This caused aggression and discontent among everyone who had already placed bids on the races, who arrived at the venue and who understood that no one would return the money spent on the possibility to attend the races. In 2021, Formula 1 was also not hosted due to the outbreak of the pandemic in the world.

Formula 1 2022 – what to expect?

As for the racing championship this time, 23 Grand Prix stages have recently been reported in various countries on different continents, including Saudi Arabia, Australia, USA, Spain, Canada and many other countries. Formula 1 2022 is going to start on March 20 and run until November 20 – a full-fledged automotive season.

Features of the Grand Prix stage in Melbourne and bets on it

There is already information that the Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix will be held from April 7 to 10 in 2022. According to the data from the beginning, the first three days will be training and qualifying races, and on Sunday, April 10, the World Cup stage race itself is going to take place.
Fortunately, bookmakers already at this stage could please their customers with a fairly wide range of bids on various stages, especially on the Australian Racing Tournament. Right now, there are many offers with pretty good odds that attract a huge number of gamblers. Place a bet in advance. It is also worth remembering that a lot of Formula 1 fans prefer to bet in real time, so bookmakers expect an influx of customers in early April.

Betting Opportunities for the 2022 Melbourne Grand Prix

Since Formula 1 is a world-class competition, there are a lot of options for betting on it.
As in all other years, in 2022 it is expected that the most bids will be made on single races, where the whole amount of offers is the largest among the various bookmakers. Betting on the winner of a single race is considered among the easiest and most likely to succeed. Within the Melbourne Tournament, there is also going to be a lot of gambling on the Qualifying heat on April 9th, where fans can bet on driver comparisons and qualifying wins.